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Krim – A New Russian Roadster

There was a presentation of a new car in the capitol of Krim, Sevastopol, which would be an average news, unless the car’s name would be something else than – “Krim”.

This roadster is expected officially to start manufacturing in 2018, once all the necessary tests are done. This car has 2 seats, a 1,6l “Lada” engine with 140 HP and weights around 950 kilograms (2100 pounds).

Manufacturers say that the acceleration from 0 – 100 Km/h will be in 8,6 seconds while the maximum speed should be around 220 Km/h.
The price of this car would be somewhere between 650.000 and 750.000 rubles, which translated means €8,925, and €9.610 euro, or $10200 and $11,750 U.S. dollars.

Even tho the good characteristics and available prices, the public was shocked by the name – Krim. Many believed that the name was a direct provocation by political circumstances.

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