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Mercedes-Benz Plans A 'Sub-Brand' For Only Electric Cars

Tesla’s success in the field of electric cars has accelerated the development among the other major manufacturers, so one of the steps that Mercedes Benz is taking is launching an entire sub-brand that will include only electric based models.

This is nothing new in the automotive world, the BMW’s “i” series has the same function and is contains only eco-friendly cars. But, unlike BMW, Mercedes will probably have only electric models in this ‘sub-brand’, meaning there probably wont be any hybrids in it.

The brand will also have two new sedans and SUV-s, which probably will share the platform with some of the actual models of Mercedes-Benz. The first model is expected to be presented in Paris, a luxury SUV that will have a 500 km range with a single charge which, I have to admit its pretty impressive.
The electric models will also have a different design from all the other cars from this German manufacturer, just like BMW i3 and i8, but main attention will remain on the high luxury, comfort as well as the finishing.

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