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The Evolution Of Jeep Within The Past 75 Years

This is an animated version of the journey of the cult Jeep vehicle starting WWI, until today.
The first models of one of the most famous world all terrain and SUV vehicles manufacturer, are shaped in the days of war when Willys MA and famous Willys MB were created, and which will continue it’s days in peace, at first only as a military, and later on as well as an exceptionally popular civilian all terrain cars like Willys CJ-2A.

At that time was designed the famous 7 slot cooler mask, which as a style, with more or lesser modifications, will keep it’s looks until today.

Willys in the meaqntime becomes Jeep, and this video reminds us of the most important models of the history of this brand, among which you will also see are 60’s Wagoneer, 70’s CJ-7, the first Cherokee and Wrangler, as well as the Renegade.


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