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How to create custom keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop

Photoshop is an extremely powerful tool for editing images. In fact, it’s so rich in features that many of the most used features are oftentimes behind a handful of clicks and adjustments.

One solution to streamlining your workflow is to create keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop so that you can easily apply your most used actions with only a tap of the keyboard. Here to show us how to do that is the ever-helpful Aaron Nace of Phlearn.

In the ten minute video, Nace goes over a multitude of ways in which you can create, apply and use keyboard shortcuts to make the most of the time you spend in Photoshop.

One of the coolest features, which Nace goes over, is that once you have all of your custom keyboard shortcuts made, Photoshop will generate a file for you that you can print out and use as a reference page.

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