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The Sweet Taste Of Health – Dark Chocolate!

This isn’t about the regular chocolates in which the sweet taste is created by sugar. This is about the dark chocolate that for many reasons should be on your daily menu. The advices are shared by the nutricionist Lisa Eberly who tried to remind us of all the benefits from the dark chocolate.

The dark chocolate will help you train more and longer. Many studies showed that the dark chocolate removes the tiredness and pain from the muscles, and it also helps the body to breath better. If you are running or preparing for training, before you do, eat at least a piece or two.

It’s good for your heart too. It is proven that a small amount of dark chocolate helps your heart to work better because it has a very good influence of the presure in your veins, therefor the blood flows faster, and the heart works better. It also reduces the blood pressure. As I’ve already mentioned that the dark chocolate helps for a better blood flow, it is the positive influence that this sweet pleasure gaves our organism by reducing the blood pressure.

But a very important role that it plays is that it reduces stress. Many studies so far have proven that the dark chocolate removes stress. If a very stressfull period is ahead of you, take a break and have a row of dark chocolate. Enjoy it’s taste while it melts in your mouth and let it slowly sooth your body and mind.

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