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The New Age Of Architecture – World's First Rotating Skyscraper

Dubai is already a home to many wonders, like Burj Khalifa and the largest indoor amusment park, the attraction that is yet to be build in this city in 2020 is going to be a true world’s wonder.

The renowned architect David Fisher has an idea to build a skyscraper in the next 3 years that is going to be different unlike everything imagined before. It’s main characteristic is going to be the capability of the apartments to rotate 360º, and to issue the command itself will take only the power of your speach.

So, the inhabitants will be able to ‘adjust’ their apartments to a ‘sunny mode’ and have a sunny lightened apartment, because the apartment itself will follow the sun’s rotation.

Fisher had the idea for this project since 2008, but they gave up on it. Still, they found an investor last year, which means that this idea will turn out into a reality. And as for the skyscraper itself, its an interesting fact that each apartment will be build completey ‘independently’. Then, you just enter the elevator and it will take you to your rotating floor.

And how much is this luxury going to cost? Not much for the richest. Each apartment will cost $30.000.000 dollars!


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