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House of Cards season 4

The drama continues to unfold, Find out in the all new season beginning March 4! For those that don’t know the show, this political drama/Beltway soap opera first launched in February 2013, conniving congressman Frank Underwood seemed almost cartoonishly evil. Played by a slithering Kevin Spacey with a gumbo-thick Southern drawl, the Majority Whip’s devious path to the Oval Office was as fun to watch as it was hard to believe. But a lot has changed in the last three years. Now, with the election in full swing and Donald Trump poised to be the Republican nominee, Netflix’s flagship show seems like a nostalgic throwback to a more innocent time. On the other hand, now that Underwood is a newly single bachelor with the power of the Presidency at his disposal, he’s never been in a better position to cause enough damage to compete with his real-life counterparts.

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