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Yes Man (2008)

From all the movies I posted so far, and will do, this one is kind of a special one. Not because of any particular scene, or the fact that is starring Jim Carrey, but because of the very strong message it delivers. I appreciate Jim Carrey as an actor with this movie, on a different level, because this movie is not like any other comedies he did. We all have ups and downs in our lives, people today socially kind of tend to distant them self from one another. When you see Yes Man (2008), (if by chance you haven’t so far), there is a big chance that you might recognize yourself in the main character. I strongly advise you to see it, and if by chance you do find yourself in there, you’ll be glad that you’ve seen this movie, and you’ll know what to do, how to change the things in your life for the better. This is a PG-13 rated comedy, romance movie.

Carl Allen’s life is going nowhere — the operative word being “no” — until he signs up for a self-help program based on one simple covenant: say “yes” to everything — and anything. Unleashing the power of “YES” begins to transform Carl’s life in amazing and unexpected ways, getting him promoted at work and opening the door to a new romance. But, his willingness to embrace every opportunity might just become too much of a good thing…

Starring:  Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel, Bradley Cooper

Directed by: Peyton Reed

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