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He Invented The Drones In 19th Century, And This Is How He Imagined Them

One of the greatest minds of all times, Nicola Tesla believed that the drones can help to make world peace. In the ocean of his patents, there is also the one from November 1898 in which, this genius man proved that with his mind, he was a century ahead of everyone else – in his patent he speaks of the way and function as well as the commercial use of unmanned ground, water and aerial vehicles.
One of the greatest world scientists in the history, in his patent says that those “vehicles” could be used for transportation of letters and packages (today, Amazon already started it’s deliveries using drones), for communication, but also for exploration, scouting, well even for “killing and hunting whales and other see animals“.

In the patent Nicola Tesla says that, what what we today call drone, could be used in many scientifically, engineerically as well as commercial purposes, but Tesla also specifically pointed out on another purpose – drones could be used in warfare.

„The biggest value of my invention would be it’s influence in warfare. Because of it’s certain and unlimited power of destruction, he would bring permanent peace among the nations“, stated Nicola Tesla.

In this part of his patent, Matthew Shroyer an engineer from University of Oklahoma in the United States, who is a specialist for unmanned vehicles, took a particular interest and attention. He, in Tesla’s description, noticed and interesting paragraph in which Tesla says that these kind of vehicles could contribute and maintain world peace.

The patent for „Method of and apparatus for controlling mechanism of moving vessels or vehicles“, also considered, wireless communication.

Tesla proved one times to many that he was “way ahead of his time”, and we today can see the use of the drones. Unfortunately, Tesla predicted very well that they will be used in warfare, but most definitely do not bring any world peace.

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