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World Famous Neuroscientist Claims: “Do We See Reality As It Is?”

Do we live in a world like the Matrix? Well, the neuroscientist Donald Hoffman claims that everything that surrounds us is probably an illusion. This influential scientist believes that our brains hide the true reality from us, because the things for us would be pretty chaotic. Hoffman says that our brains probably evolved to simplify the things, like for example, the desktop on our computer helps us visualize the files and folders in a form of small squares.
Hoffman shared his point of view showing real document on a computer desktop.

“The icon is blue and rectangular, and it is located at the lower right corner of the desktop.” Hoffman says.

“Does that mean that the document itself is blue, rectangular and located at the right corner of the computer? Of course not. The icon is not here to give us a real presentation, in fact it hides the truth. And that is the key idea – the evolution shaped us to have a perception that actually allows us to survive. A part of that evolution is also hiding the things from us that maybe we don’t need to know.

His claim really does make you wonder.


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