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Smartphones In The Future Can Be Used As Lie Detectors

The use of the smart phones went out of the borders of the usual voice communication long time ago, and there are new features almost every day. The startup company NuraLogix from Toronto, Canada, is trying to use the smart phones as lie detectors. As they say, almost 90% of the human emotions are invisible, then it is completely clear that the technology will have to compensate what the human perceptive capabilities cannot.

So far there are many developed devices, sophisticated and precise like the ‘polygraph’ a.k.a. ‘Lie-detector’. But, they are often used by proffesional companies, but mostly by the police. NuraLogix has an intention to develop a lie detector that can be used by ‘regular everyday people’, which means everyone that has a possession of a regular smart phone.

The man behind the idea and the development of this application, a neurology specialist doctor Kang Lee, explains that their application to detect lies will use the photos made by the smart phones. A special software will render the photography and will try to detect change of the color of the skin, which by the words of Doctor Lee, is a pretty solid marker for detection if someone is telling the truth or not. Although, Doctor Lee says that their application won’t work with the high precision as the well known ‘polygraph’, which means it won’t be able to pass the strict process of verification and therefore it cannot be used as a judicial polygraph.

On the other hand, this lie detector can be used, as Doctor Lee says – “simple, from a distance, even secretly”, which can be used in everyday life. The creators of the application say that it can be used primarily in schools, on business meetings, as well as on first dates…

But, a long time of testing is ahead, for proving that this app can work as intended for sure, and with that to be introduced in everyday use.

“From next year, we will have something sophisticated and concrete. But, for the smartphone application, we all will have to wait a few more years”, said Doctor Kang Lee.


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