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Ken Block’s Gymkhana 9

Ken Block is back with his 2016 Ford Focus RS RX, which is the same vehicle he currently races in the FIA World Rallycross Championship, to raise some hell around, and in, an abandoned industrial park in Buffalo, NY.

While the location for Gymkhana 9 isn’t as exotic as the one in Gymkhana 8, where Block drifted an all-wheel-drive Hoonicorn Mustang and a heavily-modified Ford Fiesta in Dubai, the footage doesn’t disappoint. The video has Block drifting on a scenic bridge, coming dangerously close to a train, and doing doughnuts around a Ford F-150 Raptor that’s dangling in the air by a helicopter. If that doesn’t get your heart rate up on a Tuesday morning, nothing will.

Gymkhana 9 may be the best installment in Block’s incredible series, but the driver and production crew faced a major uphill battle to create the latest video. According to a report by Jalopnik, Gymkhana 9 was actually supposed to happen in Sydney, Australia. Since Hoonigan and Forza Horizon 3 are now partners, the crew wanted to film the video in Australia, where the upcoming video game is set. Australian police and Hoonigan had a difficult time agreeing on locations to film the video and as the film date approached, the crew lost more locations, reports Jalopnik.

Block drifting his Focus RS RX around the Sydney Opera House would undoubtedly be badass, but Buffalo, NY’s is still a pretty playground for the stunt driver.


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