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Safety First: Red Bull Tested The New F1 Race Car Protection

Formula 1 Red Bull team presented it’s drivers protection suggestion for the incoming race in Russia.
They call it “aeroscreen” protection. The Red Bull team engineers claim that it increases the pilots safety with the, what it appears to be a windshield, that completely protects the pilots head from possible debris that fall apart at high speed from other racing cars.
Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat, the two Red Bull pilots, expressed their confidence after they tested the protection attached to the chaises and even tho it is a protection from ‘possible’ debris, at the same time it doesn’t limit the visibility since there is no ‘holder’ in front of the pilots head.
Although, many ask themselves what the visibility of this ‘windshield’ will be in case of rain?
Federation internationale de l’automobile (FIA)  with an intention to increase the safety of the pilots from next year plans to implement, at the moment undefined form of protection of the cockpit, so a possibility it not excluded that the cockpit is completely covered.

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