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12 Beautiful Old Control Panels

When you’re confronted with a great big panel full of dials and buttons and gauges and knobs and cables and lights and switches, you can’t help marveling at the fact that someone went to a great deal of trouble to precisely design all that and make it work. As daunting as a big control panel might be, it can also be beautiful. And if you can resist the urge to push things at random just to see what will happen, you’re a better person than I am.

1. The ballast control area on a British Oberon-class submarine.

Built between 1957 and 1978, Oberon-class submarines were in use until 2000.

2. A Tiptop audio drum module.


3. A power station control room.

4. The control dashboard on a Soyuz capsule.


5. The main panel at a coal power plant.

6. The lighting panel for the theater aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship.

7. A control room at the Center for Scientific Computing data center at Goethe University in Frankfurt.

Maybe they do make some of them like they used to after all. 

8. The switchboard at a fire station.

9. The control room at Ardnacrusha Hydroelectric Power Station in Ireland.

10. A deep sea control room.


11. The docking sensor panel on the Mir Space Station.

12. The Apollo Command Module Flight Deck.

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