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LG Created "Mosquito Repellent" TV

With the huge problems of the mosquito infestation in the last year in India, LG decided to put the current modern technology into a good use and help the people of India.
LG obviously could’t chose a better moment for building a TV which besides being a device for information and entertainment, can also be a weapon against all the diseases that the mosquitoes carry along.
Within the last year alone, in the capitol of India, New Delhi were recorded over 16.000 cases of the so called ‘dengue fever’ which is carried by the mosquitoes.
Unfortunately, even tho India has made a huge technological progress, even the people in the most advanced parts of the country, still have problems with the bad hygienic and health conditions.
So, in order to do something and help India avoid the same scenario this year, LG for the India market exclusively decided to make a ‘special’ TV that will repel the mosquitoes.
It’s named LG Mosquito Away TV,  and it comes about a classic LCD TV which has an extra feature that will repel the mosquitoes.

“LG Mosquito Away TV is designed and made in India, and it features the so called Ultra Sonic device that when activated, uses a sound technology in order to repel the mosquitoes, there fore the mosquitoes will keep at pretty good distance. There are no chemicals involved, it doesn’t require any charging, and the TV doesn’t even need to be turned on in order to repel the mosquitoes,” the LG India branch said.



LG Mosquito Away TV is available in 2 sizes – 32″ inch priced at $400 US dollars, and 40″ inch priced at $707 US dollars.
Of course, many people now wonder if LG, if these TVs show as a good meaning in the battle versus the mosquitoes, will decide to sell the TVs in the other parts of the world that also struggle with this menace.

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