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5 Best Phones Before The Smartphone Era

These phones you wont see anymore, but they used to be the best phones you can get. Today, if you ask anyone what they consider to be the best brand for a cell phone, almost anyone will say Apple or Samsung. But in the era before these technological giants, market as well as the hearts of the users were ruled by completely different brands.
You used to be able to flip your phone, sending a text message required hitting the same key more than once for a certain letter, and the battery used to last pretty long.

Even tho we are all used to the newest technology, the possibility to pay our bills via phone, read the news, listen to music and what not, many people nostalgically remember some of the cult models of the pre-smartphones era.

Nokia 3310 (2000)

This model is still one of the most sold models of all times. Nokia 3310 will be remembered as the ‘indestructible’ cell phone that most of the people used to have, and even today, you can ready many jokes on the internet (in a positive way).
This phone had characteristics that were pretty rare at that time such as calculator, reminder and a stop watch.

Nokia 1100 (2003)

Nokia 1100 won the hearts of the users around the world and became the most sold cell phone in the history. This cell phone since it was released until today was sold in incredible 250 million pieces, a number that even today’s smartphones have yet to reach in order to replace Nokia from the throne.

Motorola RAZR (2004)

Motorola RAZR became a cult cell phone in really short time, due to it’s cool design. It was quite thin comparing to other phones at that time and it brought a revolution in the cell phones design with it’s ‘flip’ capability.
It’s design was the biggest advantage, so it gained great fame by being used in the movies.

Nokia N95 (2006)

Yet another Nokia model, but the n95 series was something like a herald for the smartphones today. This cell phone was especially appreciated by its multimedia possibilities, as well as creating quality photographs and videos. The 5 megapixel camera at that time was the most powerful camera on the market.

BlackBerry Pearl (2006)

The period of the smartphone addiction began with BlackBerry. BlackBerry today is almost completely out of the market, but back then BlackBerry Pearl was a hit. It was light, you could fast and easy type a text, and it was the first in the series that aimed users out of the business world.

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