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Flying Cars – The Founder Of Google Wants To Make His Childhood Dream Come True

For the past couple of years, Larry Page is investing millions of dollars in the company that could make his childhood dream come true – to make a flying car.
It is wide known that Google is already developing smart autonomous cars, and a large number of experts agree that these cars who are commanded  by computers will become everyday occurrence around the globe. Larry Page is confident that besides the autonomous cars, in the future, there will be room for the flying cars as well.
This week it was announced that Page over the years was investing in a start up company that will develop such flying car. Page who is estimated around $37 billion dollars, has already financed two companies – Zee.Aero and Kitty Hawk, with already invested around $100 million dollars in just one of them.

The goal of these two companies is the development of small electric vehicles that would be able to take off vertically, and a large number of american medias claim that Larry Page is investing “a fortune” for the development of such cars because they were his biggest childhood dream.
On the questions of the press about their project, Zee.Aero said only that they are developing “new and revolutionary” model of transportation which includes elements of aerodynamics, advanced manufacturing and electric propulsion.

There are also many other companies that are developing cars that would be able to fly, and it is only a matter of time when these vehicles would be available to be driven on the roads, but with also the mode that will transform the vehicle and enable it to fly – for which, the drivers of such vehicles would have to have a sort of pilot licence in order to drive the vehicle in that mode in the first place.
One of those companies is AeroMobil who earlier proudly was announcing that their flying car could be released on the market in 2017, but considering the last year incident and the fall of the test model, we will probably have to wait for a while before this company is completely sure that their vehicles are safe for sale.

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