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Nixie – The First Wearable Camera That Can Fly

Haha – Yes! The age of transformers is approaching! Or… so it looks like. Oh, who am I kidding. But the drones are all around us, and the technology today is far more advanced than it ever was. Nixie is a wrist camera drone in development, that can be detached from the wrist, thrown into the air, and make a selfie! …before returning back to you. Neet. On top of that, the device has no controller of any sort. It flies with a toss, pauses for a moment to snap a shot, and then it returns back to the tosser.


Christoph Kohstall (Co-founder, CEO) and Jelena Jovanovic (Co-founder, COO) who stand behind the Nixie project, were the winners of the recent Intel *Make it Wearable* challenge at CES 2015. It was an exciting demonstration that got the attention over the past few months, and won the $500,000 Intel challenge. Creators added that they plan to continue to improve this platform and release it to the market in the future.



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