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Sony's patent for wireless charging between devices

According to a new patent by Sony, published earlier this month, the Japanese giant wants you to be able to mooch battery power wirelessly from nearby devices.

The patent, filed in 2016, suggests that Sony is envisioning a future where consumer electronics can transfer power between one another without cords. This would eliminate the need to always carry around power banks, provided your friends are willing to share or if you have multiple devices that can boost one another’s charge to last the day. The patent focuses mostly around ways devices could search for nearby antennas that could help power it, the same way a device could search for available Wi-Fi hotspots.

Of course, with all patents, filing an idea doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll ever see the concept come to life, but it sure is fun to imagine a future where you can walk into a room and automatically start charging your phone thanks to microwaves and TVs that have the feature enabled.

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