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"Harmony Of The Seas" Has Set Off

The world’s largest cruise ship “Harmony of the Seas” has set off this Thursday, and only for the first trial sail, 500 crew members got on board.

The world’s largest cruiser, that is about 50 meters larger than the Eiffel Tower, has sat off to it’s first trial journey from Saint-Nazaire, western France.

The cruiser, costed nearly £800.000 million pounds, weights 227.000 tons, and its about 100 meters larger than Titanic. On it’s first journey, this ship sailed only with the 500 crew members, no passengers, and they will travel until Sunday.

Even after the Royal Caribbean’s much-awaited Harmony of the Seas, has gained distance of few kilometers from the coast, the 6.000 passengers capacity cruiser, was still visible from the coast that had thousands of spectators. For months, the tourists were allowed to enter the super luxurious giant and enjoy its interior.
Once the cruiser is fully operational, the ship will carry 2.000 crew members.

The next sail is scheduled near the end of April. The goal of these sails is to test the engine and ship’s maneuverability. If the tests are a success, the cruiser will set off for Southampton in May, and than, within it’s first cruise, to Barcelona.



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