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Los Colorados – A Place Like a Fairy Tale In Yucatan, Mexico

This lake is just as any other, aside the fact that the nature decided to play with it a little and makes us think for a moment that we are wearing pink glasses. But that ‘moment’ lasts for hundreds of years and keeps attracting the curious tourists in Los Colorados, and makes them feel like they are on another planet.

This lake is located at the Yucatan peninsula in the area of the fishing village Los Colorados. Even tho it is still unrevealed how did this lake get his color in the first place, the scientists are suggesting that the cause is the low concentration of nutrients in the waters and the different species of bacteria and algae, that makes this lake look extraordinary.

Also, one of the assumptions is that the reaction of the sea salt and Natrium hydrogen-carbonate changes the color of the waters or another guess is that its due to the red halofili bacteria that lives in the crust of the salt.

But there is also a down side of this magical lake – due to the high density of salt, swimming is not recommendable.

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