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Madeira Island: Many Haven't Even Heard About It, But It Is Very Unique

Madeira is definitely one of the places you have to visit in your life, but probably you haven’t even heard of this island or haven’t seen any photos of this perfection at the middle of the Atlantic. The first thing that you will notice in Madeira is the greenery all around you. This island without a doubt can be declared as paradise.

Avocado, mango, orchids everywhere around you, placed upon a rich old volcano soil. Even tho Madeira is closer to Morocco, it belongs to Portugal. With it’s 111 miles coast, beautiful beaches and mountain towns, its worth the visit. Oh, we’ve almost forgot to mention the most famous name that this island gave – no more, no less – Cristiano Ronaldo!

On the north part of the island, in the Porto Moniz bay, you can see Ribeira da Janela, a countryside with winery and magnificent rocks. That part of Madeira offers the paradise beaches, so just take your pick – whichever you choose, you won’t make a wrong decision, and take a dive into the blue ocean.

Madeira’s capitol is Funchal, a town in which you will see many historical churches, architectures and gardens, and maybe, just maybe, you may even run into the house where Ronaldo was born.

In the past few years many hotels were built on this island, and you can also visit Michelin stared restaurants. Those who would like to do hiking, can take any of the many tracks that lead to the mountain tops.

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