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Garen Mistakenly Taken For A Chinese General Guan Yu

Games are love, games are life! It’s not like gaming era started yesterday, but companies that make video games, do all sorts of efforts to promote their product in most various and sometimes, even unusual ways.

An internet cafe, in order to promote it’s business, had posted a statue of one video game character, Garen, from the League of Legends video game. There is nothing unusual in that except for the fact that, that particular character resembled an Chinese general (circa 200 CE), Guan Yu, an historical figure who was deified centuries ago and who still is worshiped by some today. In the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” tale, Guan Yu is deified. He’s also a well-known figure as a result of his appearance in the story.


An elderly woman in China knelt before a statue of a League of Legends character and prayed, touching off a viral reaction of equal parts amusement and sympathy.

Chinese social media reacted somewhat compassionately. Some pointed out that mistakenly praying to a video game character may be funny, but an old woman’s reasons for beseeching divine intervention may not be. The woman, may not be familiar with video games and it’s characters, and her confusion, if I may say, is quite justified. And then again, fighting for China or Damacia, maybe she knew who this was all along and she just might be a huge fan of LoL?




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